final draft


Here is our final title sequence, overall I am extremely happy, I feel like we listened to what our audience research wanted and we gave it to them. I feel like our sequence is thrilling, but doesn’t give too much away, just tempts the audience slightly. I also am extremely happy with our, camera angles, our editing style and the sound we used. I think it all adds something to the overall impact and effect.

4th draft

The only thing that needs to improve is we need to develop the sound and add more overlapping effects and voice overs, and then it will be completed.

3rd draft

For improvements we need to add a white fade in the beginning, and we need to add a voice over, and many more overlapping eery sound effects and sounds.

2nd draft

Our improvements are to add a production company, add a white fade to the beginning, to add a voice over and multiple eery sound effects.

updated planning documents


These are our updated planning documents, as we decided to adapt our idea which meant adapting our original planning documents, we also made the shot list a lot more detailed, because we plan for the reshoot to really focus on camera angles and making them as effective, innovative and creative as possible.


Our feedback from our teacher was:

That it needs to be a little bit longer, we will cohesive this by including more shots and more of a variety of angles. She liked our range of shots and angle but to improve we can definitely include much more. We also, in terms of feedback, were advised that some of our shots were shaky, so in order to prevent this next time we will use  a tripod. She liked our use of audio, but she suggested that we include some form of voice over or sound effect so we are considering about doing that. Our first draft didn’t include any of our titles so we couldn’t get feedback on our typography. Our peer feedback was overall quite positive and they liked it, the majority of people said work was needed on the stabilisation of shots, and including titles, which are things that be easily adjusted so I’m not too concerned about that. One thing that a few people did say is that white noise would have been much better, and much more effective, so this is something that we will have to discuss as a group; one person also said that they didn’t understand what was going on, which in all honesty is a fair comment and if you don’t understand something that’s down to your perception. But we did not receive this comment from anyone else, so I don’t agree, I don’t think that our concept is too complex at all, overall I think it is quite easy to follow.

PeerFeedback :

Below our some print screens of our pier feedback


The majority of our feedback was for each element and how  we can improve and what was good for example:


Our camera angles people liked especially the variety that we had, but we were told that we could improve the shakiness by using tripod.


we didn’t get a lot of feedback for editing, but people liked what we had, our improvements were to include more shots, so film more next time, so we can include more shots and make our edit a lot more fats paced and snappier.

Mise en scene

People liked our mine en scene, the ending titles we need to make them look and appear a lot clearer as some people actually mis read the name of our title.


people liked our sound and choice of music that we used, they found it overall quite atmospheric. Our improvements are to include a voice over, or some dialogue which we will work on.

Typography and Audio

When it came to discussing as a group what typography to use, we all had quite differing ideas and opinions on what works and looks best. Overall I am very pleased with the typography we decided to go with, as it is slightly disjointed and it gives a very eery effect. The audio that we wanted was white noise, but we found it quite difficult and challenging to find royalty free white noise background noise, so we went with a piece of music that changes pace and is quite intense, it adds that extra feeling of tension and making the audience feel like they are watching a thriller film, which was our original intention.

Rough cut


Here is our rough cut, we as a group know that this is not perfect and through peer and teacher feedback we know what elements we have to and want to improve on, especially the camera movements. The parts that we need to fix were not a result of any member of our group individually, we all helped each other out so it was nobody’s fault, we just know how to make it better now. I am pleased that we get another chance for improvement, as for starters it is all an experience and gives us a chance to create our best.

2nd time shooting on location

I am so pleased that we decided to schedule a reshoot, because we managed to be much more organised as everything was already prepared from the previous time. One thing that was also really helpful is that the previous time we had obviously already shot a few things, so we knew what to do differently, and to make more use of the equipment as we had had some practice prior. I think after we have finished the edit and had some feedback, we will most likely end up filming most things again, as we will have had even more practice; we will have had some good and helpful feedback from our peers and teacher, so we will know what works and what doesn’t.